Working on the future

What is BESTravel? And why should I use it?

BESTravel is created to be a powerful conduit between Tour Operators / Hotels and their future clients via the marketing power of tourism agencies, all in one, single, stable and easy to use platform!

How does BESTravel help me? How hard is it to use?

BESTravel is built with the comfort of the data providers in mind. Our team of software engineers are there to offer full support to both ends of the Business chain.

Our platform is built using a flexible, modular system and each Tour Operator is custom implemented into our platform for maximum security, flexibility and best data integration, regardless of the complexity and uniqueness of the offered information.

Our first priority is getting your offers out there and let tourism agencies work their magic!

How will my information reach clients?
Is my data safe?

The platform's main priority is getting all tour operator's information online, into as many agencies satellites as possible, in the most modern and SEO friendly manner.

Our platform stores data into an optimized Document Database and gives easy access to each individual agency based on its needs. Our system is built so as to take as much off the workload of the Tour Operators, as well as their servers, as possible, while maximizing the amount of information the Agencies receive.

What does BESTravel has to offer, compared to others?
What makes us unique?

BESTravel does not simply transfer tour operators information to Agencies, it does it as a fully fledged CRM for Tourism agencies as well as their own personalized webspot, accounting and client management platform.

Our front end framework allows Agencies to keep track of their clients, tour operator's information, accounting information, marketing and internal management as well as offer a easily customizable front-end experience to entice perceptive clients with what they consider the right offer!

Our platform is the Ideal conduit between Your offers, an Agency's marketing skills and the wide world!

What about Hotels?
How can this help my hotel's business?

BESTravel is a complete ecosystem for the tourism business world. Agencies do not simply sell offers from different Tour Operators; instead, they offer a unique frontend experience to each client using our platform at a online domain of their choice.

If you choose to advertise using our platform, your message will potentially reach thousands of Agency pages and millions of clients!

Why is BESTravel interesting to me?

BESTravel offers a variety of features and perks, in different packages, to Agencies which choose to use our platform.

The basic package contains a select few tour operators of our choosing, as part of the default offer!

Tour operators and hotels included in the basic package have a guaranteed presence in all tourism agencies webspots, thus ensuring their offers are present in all of the BESTravel clients web sites!